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I play live both as a solo artist and am also hugely privileged to be backed by The Folded Arms, a bunch a great friends but also talented singers or musicians. So when you listen to my music you also hear theirs because I never tell them what I want, I just let them do what they want to do!

Much of the merchandise you see on this site is hand-made by independent crafts people who are known to me. Just as I am passionate about giving whatever profile I can to other independent musicians, I also like to support other artists and crafts people.

As a reward for signing up you get two recent singles, both of which will appear on more substantive works, either already recorded or in process. My new album "Inheritance" will be released in October 2019. Recording is now complete so we have all the other stuff to do before we can unleash it on the world.


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John Reed
Manchester, UK
John is a Blackpool born singer-songwriter from Greater Manchester whose songs cover themes of social injustice, environment, politics, and life.

That said, John's latest album #Inheritance is about #Ancestry #Family #Love #Environment and #Peace

Working in collaboration with other musicians and backing band The Folded Arms, John delivers powerful and thought provoking live shows.

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